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Cenicienta en inglés
Cenicienta en inglés
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Cuento de Cenicienta en inglés. There was once a good man who had the misfortune of being widowed shortly after being married. Years later he met a woman very bad and arrogant, but despite that, managed to fall in love with him.

Both were married and went to live with his daughters. The woman had two daughters so arrogant as it, while the man had one unique sweet, good, and beautiful daughter like no other. From the beginning the two sisters and stepmother made life impossible girl. You forced to take old and dirty clothes and to do all the tasks of the House. The poor spent the day sweeping the floor, scrubbing the pots and making beds, and if this were not little, until it rested on the ashes of the fireplace made fun of it.

Cinderella! Cinderella! Look at her, again will be filled with ashes!

But despite all she never complained.

One day he heard his sisters say they were going to go to the dance that the King’s son gave. Her Cinderella it apeteció you very much go, but I knew that it was not made for a girl like her.

Cenicienta en inglés cuento para leer

Mangled them dresses of their sisters, them helped to dress is and styling is and them dismissed with sadness. When she was single she burst into tears of penalty for not be able to go to the dance. Then, your fairy appeared the bride:

-What about Cinderella? Why are you crying in that way?

-Because I’d like to go to the ball as my sisters, but I don’t have form.

-Mmmm… I think that I can fix it, he said with a wide smile.

Cinderella toured the House in search of what you asked his bride: a pumpkin, six mice, a rat and six lizards. With a JAB of his wand he developed them in a magnificent golden carriage pulled by six white horses, a gentle man and six helpful minions.

-Ah yes, I forgot! -said the fairy godmother.

And in a final hit of wand their rags he became a magnificent tissue of gold and silver dress and covered his feet with a few delicate glass shoes.

Cenicienta en inglés
Cenicienta en inglés

-Only one more Cinderella thing. Remember that the spell will break to the twelve at night, so you back before.

When Cinderella to the Palace became a huge silence. Everyone admired its beauty while they wondered who was this beautiful Princess. The Prince did not hesitate to bring it to dance and since the very moment in which could contemplate its beauty closely, could not leave it to admire.

Cenicienta en inglés cuento cenicienta cinderella para leer the her

Cinderella same thing happened and was so at ease that he did not realize that were taking the twelve. He stood up and he rushed out of the Palace. The Prince, concerned, also ran but you could not reach it. Just one of his shoes of glass, that the young lost as he ran.

Cenicientadias then became Cinderella House a man from Palace with Crystal shoe. The Prince had given order that all the women of the Kingdom proved it is until you find its owner. So the stepsisters tried it is, and although they made all kinds of efforts, failed to get his foot in it. When it came the turn of Cinderella cast to laugh, and even said that he did not need to try it because in no way could be her princess who sought. But Cinderella tried it is and the back was perfect.

So Cinderella and the Prince is married and were very happy and the young returned to show his goodness forgiving to their half-sisters and marrying them with two Lords of the Court. THE END.

Fin de cuento de Cenicienta en inglés. Cuento Largos.

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