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Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood
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CAPERUCITA ROJA en inglés Red Riding Hood stories for children cuento de caperucita roja

CAPERUCITA ROJA en inglés Little Red Riding Hood cuento de caperucita roja… There was once a lovely girl who was loved by everyone who knew her, but primarilyby her grandmother, and there was nothing that had not given the girl left.

Once hegave him a small cap or cap of a red color, which was so well that she never wanted to use something else, so they started to be called Little Red Riding Hood.

One dayher mother said to him: “come, little Red Riding Hood, here I have a cake and a bottle of wine, take them in this basket to your grandmother this enfermito and weak and this will help you.

Go now, before the hot day, and along the way, walking quiet and carefully, do not turn from the path, don’t go to falling and bottle to break and isnothing to your grandmother left.

“And when you enter your bedroom don’t forgetto say,“Good morning,”ah, and andes not snooping about all over the room.

“Don’t worry, I’ll do it all,” said little Red Riding Hood, and took things and said goodbye affectionately.

Little Red Riding Hood CAPERUCITA ROJA en inglés

Grandma lived in the forest, about a kilometer from his home. And no more had entered Red Riding Hood in the forest, always within the path, when she met a wolf.

Little Red Riding Hood did not know that this creature could do any damage, and hadno fear towards him.

“Good morning, little Red Riding Hood,” said Wolf. “Good morning, friendly Wolf.”

“Where are going so early, little Red Riding Hood?”

“To my grandma‘s House.”

“And what carry in that basket?”

“Cake and wine. Yesterday was day of baking, so my poor sick grandmother is to have something good to be strengthened.”

“And live where your grandmother, little Red Riding Hood?”

“As half a kilometer deeper in the forest. His house is under three large oaks, beside a few hazelnut trees.

Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood – cuento de la caperucita roja en inglespara leer

Surely you have seen them,”innocently replied little Red Riding Hood. Wolf he said quietly to himself: “what creature so tender! What good snack and will be more flavorful than that old woman. So I should act gently to easily get both.”Then accompanied to little Red Riding Hood a small stretch of road and then said to him: “Mira Riding Hood red, beautiful flowers are there, why not go and pick up some?And I also think that not you noticed of the sweet singing birds. It’s that you you so hurry along the way as if you were for the school, while all of the forest is full of wonders.”

CAPERUCITA ROJA en inglés Little Red Riding Hasood cuento de caperucita roja
Little Red Riding Hood raised her eyes, and when he saw the Sun‘s rays dancing here and there through the trees, and saw the beautiful flowers and the singing of thebirds, he thought: “I suppose that it might take some of these fresh flowers to my grandmother and that you will be delighted. In addition, it is still very early and therewill be no problem if I delay a little bit, I‘ll always be a good time.” And thus, she went off the road and went to cut flowers. And when you cut one, I saw another morebeautiful, and another and another, and inadvertently account was deeper into the forest. Meanwhile the Wolf took time and ran straight to the grandmother‘s House and knocked on the door.” Who is it?”asked Grandma.

“Little red,” replied the Wolf.

“I bring cake and wine. “Open to me, please.

“Move the lock and open you,” cried the grandmother, “I am very weak and no mepuedo levantar.”

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Wolf moved lock, opened the door, and without saying one word, went direct to bed Granny and a mouthful swallowed it is. And immediately put her clothes, placed aCAP, got into bed and closed the curtains.Meanwhile, little Red Riding Hood is had been collecting flowers, and when he saw that I had so many that no longer could be more, he remembered his grandmotherand set off towards her. When he arrived, he was surprised to find the door open, and upon entering the House, felt this strange feeling that said to herself:

CAPERUCITA ROJA en inglés The big bad wolf cuento de caperucita roja

“Oh God! that uncomfortable I feel today, and at other times that I liked so much bewith Grandma.” Then shouted: “good morning!“, but there was no response, so he went to the bedroom and opened the curtains. There seemed to be Granny with hiscap covering her entire face, and a very odd look.

“¡! “Oh, Grandma!” said, “what big ears you have.”

“Is to hear you better, my girl,” was the response. “But, grandmother, what big eyesyou have.”

“Are to see you, dear.

“But Grandma, what so big arms you have.”

“To hold best.” “And what so big mouth you have.”

“To eat better.” And I had not finished tell the above, when a jump out of bed andalso swallowed Red Riding Hood.

Then the Wolf decided to make a NAP and turned to pull in bed once slept began to snore heavily. A hunter who, by chance, was happening at that moment there. Heard heavy snoring and thought, how hoarse that old lady! I’ll see if I need any help. He then entered the bedroom, and when he approached the bed saw the Wolf pulledthere.

The End. CAPERUCITA ROJA en inglés cuento de caperucita roja

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