Blancanieves en inglés

Blancanieves en inglés
Blancanieves en inglés
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Blancanieves en inglés cuento en INGLÉS cuento largos

Blancanieves en inglés. A day of winter Queen looked at how falling snowflakes while I sewed. They beguiled him so I beileve and jabbed a finger in dropping three more red blood on the snow drops. At that moment he thought:

-How would like to have a daughter as well, white as the snow, rosy as the blood and of hair black as the ebony.

After a time his desire was fulfilled and gave birth to a girl beautiful, white as snow, rosy like blood and hair as ebony. Name they put snow white, although his birth was the death of his mother.

Over the years the widower King decided to marry another woman. A woman so beautiful how envious and proud. I had this a magic mirror which every day asked:

-Mirror mirror, answer me to a thing not am I the more beautiful?

And the mirror always answered:

-Yes, my Queen. You are the most beautiful.

But the day that snow white was seven years old mirror changed its response:

-No, my Queen. It more beautiful is now snow white.

Blancanieves en inglés
Blancanieves en inglés

Upon hearing this, the Queen flew into a rage. Envy was eating it inside and such was the hatred felt by it which ended up ordering a hunter that take her to the forest, kill it and return with his heart to know that it had complied with their orders.

Cuento Blancanieves en inglés

But a time in the forest the Hunter looked to the young and sweet snow white and not was capable of doing it. Instead, he killed a small boar that passed through there to be able to give your heart to the Queen.

Snow White was now alone in the forest, afraid and not knowing where to go. Began to run until you fell the night. Then saw light in a small house and entered it.

It was a particular House. Everything was very small there. At the table had placed seven saucers, seven forks, seven spoons, seven knives and seven cups. Snow White was so hungry that he tried a bite of each dish and sat as he could in one of the seats.

I was so exhausted that he went you sleep, then found a room with seven walks and curled up in one of them.

Late night returned the Dwarfs of the mine, where they worked excavating precious stones. Upon arrival they realized quickly that someone had been there.

-Someone has eaten from my plate!, said the first
-Someone has used my fork!, said the second
-Someone has drunk from my glass!, said the third
-Someone has cut with my knife!, said the fourth
-Someone has been cleaned with my napkin!, said the fifth
-Someone has eaten my bread!, said the sixth
-Someone has sat in my chair!, said the seventh

When they entered the room they unveiled the mystery about what happened and were left with their mouths open to see a beautiful girl. So you liked that they decided to leave to sleep.

Blancanieves cuento en inglés Blancanieves en inglés

To the day following snow white les told to them dwarfs the history of how had arrived until there. The Dwarfs felt great pity for her and offered him to stay at his home. But yes, warned you that I had very careful and not open the door to anyone when they weren’t.

The stepmother convinced that snow white was dead, meanwhile, stood before her mirror and asked him again:

-Mirror mirror, answer me to a thing not am I the more beautiful?
-My Queen, you are a star but sorry to tell you that snow white, continues to be the most beautiful.

The Queen is put furious and used their powers to know where is hiding the girl. When knew that is was in house of them dwarfs, prepared an Apple poisoned, is dressed of peasant and is headed toward mountain.

Blancanieves inglés Blancanieves en inglés

When was called to the door. Snow White is poked by the window and answered:

-Not can open to anyone, me it have forbidden them dwarfs.
-Not fear daughter mine, only I come to bring you apples. I have many and not know what to do with them. You will leave here a, if you want more later.

Snow White is trusted of her, bit the Apple and… fell to the ground suddenly.

The evil Queen that it saw, is marched laughing is by having is gone with it yours. I only wanted to reach Palace and ask her magic mirror who was now the most beautiful.

Snow White
-Mirror mirror, answer me to a thing not am I the more beautiful?
-Yes, my Queen. Again you are the more beautiful.

Blancanieves en inglés cuento largos

When them dwarfs came to House and is it found dead in the soil to snow white was treated of see if still could do something, but all their efforts were in vain. Snow White was dead.

So since they could not do anything else, were instructed to make a glass box, it was placed in it and carried it up to the lift of the mountain where were watching it for a long time. Next to them are joined many animals of the forest that crying the loss of the girl. But one day there a Prince who saw her, fell in love with immediately she appeared, and the Dwarfs asked if I could take her with him.

Did not convince the dwarfs the idea, but the Prince promised to take care of her and worship her, so they agreed.

When the men of the Prince carrying snow white they stumbled into a stone and hit, came out fired the poisoned apple in snow white throat bite. At that time, snow white opened the eyes again.

-Where am I? What happened?, asked snow white disoriented
-Quiet, are healthy and save finally and I have made with that the man more fortunate of the world.

Snow white and the Prince became husband and wife and lived happily in his castle. The END.

Fín del cuento en ingés de Blancanieves y los siete enanitos. Cuento Largos.

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